Pick up astronomical speeds in our Off Road Karts like Captian Marvel!

Who else was excited for the new release of Captain Marvel?

We definitely were at Southern Pursuits, so why not join us today to celebrate the epic Marvel movie?!

Do you and your friends think you have what it takes to defend Earth? Well, why not put yourselves to the test by mastering the skills of Captain Marvel/ Carol Danver at Southern Pursuits!

Help to protect the universe from the Kree and those who want to obtain the tesseract!


Hovercrafting (£38.75 + vat pp) 
Firstly, one must master the skills of flight!
Our Hovercrafting is the perfect activity for learning how to glide across the universe and pick up astronomical speeds.
But first you must see if you have the ability to take on our challenging Hovercrafting track. You will need to use your weight to manoeuvre the vehicle around our grass-based track.
We can guarantee that once you have harnessed the skills of speed and flight – like Carol experiences when training to be a U.S. Air Force pilot- you will become an experienced space ship flyer!


Off Road Karting (£38.75 + vat pp) 
Nothing beats a car chase… but do you think you’re as smooth as Nick Fury?
Nick Fury is lead on a heart racing car chase to make sure he doesn’t lose sight of Ms Marvel. But do you think you can match Nick Fury’s driving skills by taking on our Off-Road Karting?
Our Off-Road Karts have 650 cc V Twin Engines so you are guaranteed to reach exponential speeds whilst you tackle our dirt track which hosts turns, straights and chicanes…much like the streets of Los Angeles!
So why not have a go today? But don’t forget to hold onto your Flerken!


Clay Pigeon Shooting (£38.75 + vat pp) 
Take a deep breath, control your emotions and listen to your organic intelligence (instructor) for the day by taking part in our Clay Pigeon Shooting!
Nothing beats Captain Marvel’s awesome powers when she packs a punch with her photon blast! This is why our Clay Pigeon Shooting is perfect for testing to see if you can harness the power and control of shooting a double-barrelled gun!
Not only do you need to control the power of the gun when shooting, you also need to focus on targets moving in the sky!


Air Rifle Shooting (£21 + vat pp) 
Oh No! The Kree are actually the bad guys and cannot be trusted…we must all defend the Skrolls and find them a new home quickly!
What better way to battle against the Kree  than learning to aim at the target and achieve brilliant grouping with our Air Rifle Shooting!
Take to battle by either being seated or standing as you aim at the static targets in front of you with the unlimited pellets you are given on the day.


So, what are you waiting for? The universe needs your help! Get your super team together and train to prepare for the space-bust up of a life time!



*Karts/Hovercrafts are weather dependent and interchangeable


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