Office Summer Party time at Southern Pursuits!

Looking to spice up your summer corporate event this year and do something faster paced? We’ve got you covered with our adventure experiences!

Corporate events and fun days out are a wonderful way to bring your team together and show recognition for their hard work. At Southern Pursuits we can guarantee that we can host an adrenaline filled event which will definitely be a crowd pleaser and an exciting talking point for the office!

Is your team competitive?  

We can definitely get the team pumped for success! We have competitive activities such as Axe Throwing, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Air Rifle Shooting and Archery.

Your team will be trained and tested to see who has what it takes to aim high and land that target successfully. Through hitting that target your team will learn the skill of focusing on their main goal. Also recognising that their team supports them through their victories. These outdoor activities are undeniably a perfect for creating strong relationships and team ethic.

Need a bit more drive in your team?

At Southern Pursuits we can get your team motivated with our multi activity days including Quad Biking, Argo Cat Driving and Off Road Karting/Hovercrafting.

Our Quad biking would definitely entertain your team as they would have to try and manoeuvre around our 5 mile woodland safari trail with extreme inclines or declines.

Maybe you would prefer something more militant? Does your regiment like to storm through their work? Why not try Argo Cat Driving where they get to control a mini tank through a variety of ditches, hills and mudslides!

Or how about Off Road Karting where your team will have the opportunity to test their speed with a Chase me Charlie formation. Who doesn’t like a bit of friendly competition?

Just remember not to wear your best suit though, as you may get rather muddy!

Need Refuelling?

Bored of the typical soggy sandwiches you get at corporate events? We can provide food worthy of munching down on, which is both delicious and flavoursome.

All fun and games, but need to get some work done?

We know how important it is to get all the nitty gritty paperwork and training out of the way. Why not do it in style?

You have the choice of either having your meeting in our of our on-site rooms. You will have the perfect view of the truly breath taking British countryside.

Of if you want a meeting room which is larger and more ‘wow’ factor, we can organise your conference to be held in a 4* Hotel. With unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits! (Clearly the staple drink and snack to get you through any conference!). You will also have the essential supplies such as a LCD projector, flip-charts, stationary and more!

We at Southern Pursuits know how important it is to get the job done.

All work and play can be tiring!

Everyone needs a good kip after such a successful day! And what a better way to starfish out than in one of our 4* hotels! We can organise your team and yourselves a comfy bed for the night and even breakfast (if you desire).

So what are you waiting for? Want to have the most memorable corporate event? Book now with Southern Pursuits at our activity centre London.

And who knows your team may take their new found skills and inspiration back to the office!


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