Air Rifles: Got what it takes to hit that target?!

We love our Air Rifle Shooting activity at Southern Pursuits. You need a keen eye, concentration and great aim to succeed on this outdoor pursuit. When you do hit that target though you get a great sense of achievement!


Our Air Rifles are called the Weihrauch HW95k .22 Air Rifle. They have all the power and accuracy you would need at our activity centre! They are designed for full powered action and the slimline hardwood stock ensures that each shot hits the target exactly where you want it!

At Southern Pursuits we aim to have tip-top equipment and strive to have the latest, greatest models whether it be our high-flying Clay Pigeon Shooting guns or speedy Hovercrafts! These areas and activities were both re-vamped in 2017.


The great thing about these Air Rifles is although they are super powerful they are also really lightweight! This activity is available for 12+ year olds and we wanted to make sure both youngsters and adults could easily handle the rifle for maximum enjoyment of the activity!


The ‘Rekord’ two stage trigger unit means the rifle will react with both precision and speed helping you to hit that target!


With a target distance of 30 foot this activity is set up in a sit down and crouch position. You will receive unlimited pellets within your one hour session, really giving you the chance to perfect that aim! We also have binoculars available so when taking turns you can also act as a spotter to identify where the shots are hitting!


We are quite proud of our Air Rifles and would love for YOU to give a try out!


Our state-of-the-art Air Rifles feature in many of our adrenaline-fuelled activity packages including:

Dual Package

Choose one activity from the following activities –

£53.99 per person (+VAT)

The Adrenaline Day

Includes 5 of the following activities:

£140.99 per person (+ VAT )