Unleash your inner warrior with some Axe Throwing!

Want to unleash your inner Viking? Charge fearlessly into battle with us at Southern Pursuits! Try and hit the mark of one of our ten huge wooden targets using two different stainless steel axes!


Give free rein to your inner Beowulf with our Axe Throwing! We have dedicated an entire woodland glade to our Axe Throwing activity at our Sussex outdoor activity centre with plenty of room to wield!

Become a warrior!

Southern Pursuits’ instructors can ensure that you acquire the skillset needed to be the best aiming Viking in the land. Through your gained courage, discipline and perseverance we are sure you’ll become the truest of warriors.


There is nothing more thrilling than throwing our heavy steel axes at the target. Listen carefully to our expert instructors however to adopt the perfect techniques needed, as Axe Throwing is not as easy as it seems! Its definitely not just about strength but skill as well!


But once you have mastered the art of Axe Throwing, we can assure you that you will feel nothing but glory and pride due to your new found favourite activity!


But why learn the art of being a Viking alone? Draft a mighty army by inviting along your clan! Compete to see who has what it takes to hit the centre of the target and be crowned the Chief.  This is a very social activity as you can spectate, encourage each other and then take turns to beat each other’s scores.


We can guarantee that this outdoor activity is a huge head-turner and eyebrow raiser. Definitely one for the Game of Thrones Fans!


Plunge into the exciting adventure activity that Axe Throwing has to offer. Take on the great quest to hit the centre of the target for ONLY £18.75 + vat pp! 


You can pair this activity up with Quad Biking, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Argo Cat Driving OR Off Road Karting for £70.99 + vat pp! To see all activity packages including Axe Throwing click HERE