Blogger Ali Hemsley – Quads & Axe review!

At Southern Pursuits we had the pleasure of meeting Lifestlye Blogger Ali Hemsley. Ali came down for our Blogger event to review some of our fantastic outdoor pursuits!

Meeting a variety of Bloggers meant we got a rounded view of their activity experiences. Including what they loved, how they found the instruction given or even if there was anything they didn’t enjoy for us to work on in the future!

Luckily our outdoor activities got a glowing review from Ali!

Ali is a 23 year old lifestyle blogger based in Sussex with a passion for fashion, fitness and food! Although we are not so much about the fashion at Southern Pursuits (unless mud is ‘in’ right now…) we definitely love fitness and activities. We felt Ali would be perfect to review an extreme adventure day out with us!

On ‘Ali Hemsley’ the Blog you can find the full review but check out these snippets!

Since recovering (well, kinda) from chronic illness, I’ve decided to take every opportunity for adventure. Life’s too short and I’ve spent way too much of it inside, so now I’m creating a new series of ‘Ali says YES to…’ posts!

Southern Pursuits has a whole range of activities, including clay pigeon shooting, archery and hovercrafts. I chose to do quad biking and axe throwing – an activity quickly growing in popularity due to Game of Thrones.

I’ve had a little experience quad biking, so after a safety chat and practice lap around the field we were off. It was amazing! Southern Pursuits has a 5 mile track through the woods, which provides a varied and exciting ride filled with sharp turns, hills, bridges and very large, muddy puddles!

After quad biking, we headed over to throw some axes. Our highest scores were only 2 out of 5 axes but we had so much fun trying to beat our previous scores (and each other). I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy axe throwing but actually found it so fun!

Overall, we had a fantastic day! I cannot fault the staff and how special they made us feel. It didn’t feel like similar places I’ve been where you’re pressured to rush and activities feel cut short. The staff were professional and knowledgable – but didn’t let the serious side take over, and we had such a giggle with them. I’d definitely recommend Southern Pursuits for your next adventure!

We absolutely loved having Ali and her partner at Southern Pursuits and would welcome them back any time!

If you, like Ali, are looking to try some new, memorable experiences then give us a call now on 01293 611020 to speak to one of our event coordinators.