Fun for the whole family this summer holiday!

It’s that time of year again where you have to find any way possible to entertain the kids because it’s the …SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

Well fear no more parents!  At Southern Pursuits we have the perfect activities for some summer holiday fun which will definitely amuse all participants 12 years and up – without breaking the bank!

Do you find that your child is glued to his/her Xbox or PlayStation playing games like Minecraft or Elder Scrolls? Or are they maybe addicted to playing Warhammer?

Well why not press play and enter them into the real world! Where they can experience what it is truly like to be a warrior wielding their mighty weapon (but safely…)

Axe Throwing (£18.75 + vat):

Our Axe Throwing is definitely an eye opener of an activity thanks to its historical roots stemming from the medieval era. But this activity is also an eyebrow raiser as it is not as easy as it seems! Many will think that this activity is predominately based on the strength of the wielder, however it is very much skill based!

Air Rifles (£21 + vat):

Or does your child enjoy games like Call of Duty? Well our Air Rifle Shooting is the perfect activity to teach them discipline and control!

With unlimited pellets and full instruction we can guarantee that this activity will keep them occupied as they will be able to improve on their shooting skills.

Archery (£18.75 + vat)

Has your child got their head stuck in a book? As great as that is, sometimes a breath of fresh is air is much needed!  – Stimulate the mind in a different way with some action!

So why not bring them to Southern Pursuits for some Archery! Our Archery will definitely get them reliving the life of Robin Hood himself, as they will be tested to see if they have the skills to hit the target placed in front of them.


Why not come along for a family day out or perhaps invite their friends for a treat? At these budget prices, who could say no!

So, distress no more parents! We at Southern Pursuits have the perfect activities for the summer holidays which will entertain your children! Call now to avoid disappointment on 01293 611020.