Once Upon a Time at Tulleys Farm….

Who has watched the new, greatly anticipated 9th Quentin Tarantino film ‘Once upon a Time in Hollywood’? We at Southern Pursuits love to watch an action-packed film based on stunts, driving and adrenaline! It is what we specialise in after all….

We can guarantee that when visiting Southern Pursuits, it will feel like you are stepping into a world of fortune! Much like in ‘Once upon a Time in Hollywood’ based on the Golden Age of 1969 Los Angeles our activity centre is all about trying new things, feeling an adrenaline rush and having an amazing time with your buddies!

Feel like a stunt man….

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be like the infamous and charismatic Rick Dalton? We can guarantee that our Air Rifle Shooting will get you shooting just as good as Rick Dalton in Bounty Law and Lancer. With unlimited pellets you can’t go wrong…even if you do mess up your lines a couple of times!

We have top of the range German Weihbraugh HW95K .22 Air Rifles available for our activity sessions which are designed for full powered action! The slimline hardwood stock ensures that each shot hits exactly where you want it. This activity is set up in a sit down and crouch position with a target distance of 30 foot!


Why not learn to be like the ultimate hero Cliff Booth and have your own try at being the stunt man! See if you have what it takes to drive our outrageously fast Off-Road Karts today! Experience that same rush of driving across the LA Boulevard. Feel the wind blow through your hair as you take on our dusty Off-Road Karting Track. With its sharp turns, straights and chicanes you’ll definitely be thrilled and amazed!

We offer impressive 627cc Rage Buggies. These powerful machines have 23hp Honda V-Time petrol engines! With unbeatable rear wheel drive drifting action guaranteed!


If you want to get some excitement into your life the have a session of Air Rifle Shooting and Off Road Karts for only £53.99 + vat pp on our Dual Package!