Argo Cats & Adventure at Southern Pursuits!

Looking for a fun family day out that is both fun, memorable and different? Then why not head on down to Southern Pursuits as we have the perfect activity to get all of the family laughing! Our adventurous Argo Cats are SO much fun to drive and more agile than you might think on our tricky, woodland course!

The Argo Cats (£38.75 + vat pp) at Southern Pursuits are 6 Wheel Amphibious all-terrain vehicles with 18 hp vanguard. They are designed to go almost anywhere! On land they can do up to 30mph whilst on water they will do 3mph! These make for an incredible activity for adults to really test your driving and manoeuvering skills! They are suitable for guests 14+ however so those mini-adults can come for an adventure event too!


At Southern Pursuits the Argo Cats will easily amaze all of your family and friends. This is an extreme activity that will truly challenge the most skilled of drivers. You’ll be able to see if you have what it takes to manoeuvre around our purpose built mud track which has a variety of ditches, hills and mud slides.


You will get the most powerful feeling when driving your very own mini tank! Storm through the mud and learn the skill of using two levers to move around the course. Although you will be in the driving seat you will be accompanied by an instructor at all times. They will be your co-driver helping you to navigate your way around the woodland course.


This is designed as a group activity for 4 or more guests! With 4 – 5 people you will share one Argo Cat. It might be worth trying to find 6 people however as then you get two Argo Cats for the hour session and can go out in pairs! At least it will give you plenty of great photo opportunity’s though in between turns.


Don’t forget to bring the camera and snap pictures of those Argo Cats!

We can guarantee that you’ll be able to achieve some picturesque photos with us at our outdoor activity centre London, as no doubt the whole family will be smiling. And let’s not forget you may all get a bit muddy!

Argo Cat Driving can also be paired with Archery, Axe Throwing or Air Rifles for only £53.99 + vat pp! Don’t miss out on a longer experience day with us at this reduced, package price! Check out all our packages HERE. 

So what are your waiting for? Get outside and experience some adventure fun with Southern Pursuits!