Walking Dead Returns! Zombie training available…

With the return of The Walking Dead, at Southern Pursuits we are excited to get our Zombie fighting training in practice to be just like Michonne! So what are you waiting for, grab your hazard masks, provisions, and give our awesome shooting activities a try!

Air Rifle Shooting (£21 + vat pp) 

Are you like Morgan and prefer to aim for the Zombies from far away? Well this is the activity for you. But you must have the ability to remain calm, despite the fact there is brain eating monsters around!

Take a deep breath as your prepare to hit your target from 30 foot away with unlimited pellets.

That’s right! You have unlimited pellets which is enough time to perfect your aim and in turn get perfect grouping.

In no time you will be able to clear all the zombies!

Clay Pigeon Shooting (£38.75 + vat pp) 

Do you want to be handy with a gun like Rick was? Well our Clay Pigeon Shooting is the perfect the activity for you!

Our Clay Pigeon Shooting is a pure test of strength and will when it comes to perfecting your aim. You must have quick reactions whilst the Clays fly feet in front of you, above you and across from you.

This activity is a perfect for emulating live game and getting you ready for any Zombie ambush!

Archery (£18.75 + vat pp) 

Fancy being like Daryl from the Walking Dead when he aims at his targets with a bolt crossbow? Well our Archery may just hit the mark!

Archery is an activity which stems back to the ancient times as it is a vital necessity when it comes to survival, so your skills may come down to natural instinct!

With targets marked clearly in front of you, you will have to take a deep breath as you draw back the bow in preparation for striking the centre.

Axe Throwing (£18.75 + vat pp) 

Reckon you have the swing and strength of Neegan from the Walking Dead? Well maybe Axe Throwing is the perfect activity for you!

Sometimes in a Zombie Apocalypse weapons can be sparse, so you have to make best of what you can get your hands on!

Axe Throwing is an activity which is focused more on strength and skill.


Enjoy the new season of the Walking Dead and don’t forget to book in Zombie training with us at Southern Pursuits! You can try ALL FOUR of these fantastic activities for only £83.99 + vat pp!!