Joker Movie -Throw Axes better than Playing Cards!

We love to keep up with all the new action-packed films at Southern Pursuits! Primarily, we love a good car chase! In fact we run our Off Road Karts in chase-me-charlie format on our field track for that extra bit of excitement! We were really looking forward to for the new Joker movie this Halloween for just this reason! Of course, we love Batman and the Bat-mobile but in this Blog we have gone back in time to appreciate the imaginative ways in which the Joker takes on his nemesis.

Boxing Glove Arm – Clay Pigeon Shooting  (£38.75 + vat pp)

Pack a punch with our Clay Pigeon Shooting! See if you have the aiming skills of the Joker when he uses his Boxing Glove Arm!

You will be tested to see if you have the skill to hit the flying Clays from 5 different traps. Trickier than it looks and definitely no laughing matter! You will experience a slight kick back when shooting our Clay Shooting guns so prepare for that.

With full tuition, in no time you will be hitting the targets and making them explode! Just like the powerful Joker’s Exploding Cigar’s, which definitely exert a wallop!

The Joker’s Toy Harpoon Gun – Air Rifle Shooting (£21 + vat pp) 

A definite fan favourite was the Joker’s Toy Harpoon Gun. It had a cartoonish flag which popped out saying BANG in bold lettering! However, this gun was deceptively deadly despite its comical appearance!

The use of the ‘toy’ gun definitely required concentration and perfect timing (like any joke), which matches the skills needed for our Air Rifle Shooting. See if you have what it takes to pull the trigger and hit the static target in front of you with precision and excellent grouping.

Joker Movie Goon Car – Quad Biking (£45 + vat pp) 

See if you and your goons can take on our 5 mile woodland safari track by booking in a session of Quad Biking!

Much like when the Joker’s Goons are chasing Batman in his Bat-mobile, you will have to face a collection of challenging obstacles such as steep inclines, declines, bridges and more!

We can definitely guarantee that this activity will give you a buzz like being shocked by the Jokers Joy Buzzer!

 Razor Sharp Playing Cards – Axe Throwing (£18.75 + vat pp)

With astounding accuracy, the Joker was able to throw his Razor-Sharp playing cards with ease! But do you think you have what it takes to throw our axes with the same precision? Our Axe Throwing is a very challenging activity. You are required to throw our metal axes at the large wooden targets set in front of you.

Oh! And don’t forget we can make a game out of our Axe Throwing by scoring each player to see who is the best.


So, what are you waiting for? Be Happy and become an agent of chaos by getting yourself and your friends down to Southern Pursuits for a (NOT) so serious day of wicked fun, adrenaline and adventure!

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