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The Hovercrafts are back and ready for action!

Looking for an adventure activity which has the elements of speed and flight? Well we have the perfect outdoor activity for you! Our Hovercrafts offer extreme adventure as a total bucket list experience! Based at our activity centre London along with multiple other outdoor activities they are a must-do!


Hovercrafts are an activity event guaranteed to get your blood pumping and adrenaline rushing as you fly around our field based track.


This fun activity is not for the faint hearted, as the Hovercrafts host 620cc engines which will get you flying up to fast speeds! Also it is key to mention that this activity offers massive amounts of adrenaline fuelled fun as you will turn corners in a sideways motion!


Hover Crafting is a perfect activity for groups as it is known for being one of our most thrilling outdoor activities. It runs with 4+ people but it’s really worth bringing all your friends! If you can gather a group of 6 you get 2 of the Hovercrafts to share between you!


So how do Hovercrafts work?


Watch as the skirting fills with air! Take to the stage as you race around the track at high speeds! Each corner, much like a dance, will be fast and may end up making your head spin!


You will need to use your weight to turn around the track, make tight corners, speed up and slow down! It takes some serious driving skills to get the balance right!


When in the Hovercraft you will have a throttle to pick up speed as well as handle bars to steer, so do you think you have what it takes?


They absolutely fly on wet ground so as this winter weather hits us in Sussex, why not take advantage and come and give them a try! Surely Hovercrafting is a bucket list idea that can easily be ticked off here with us at Southern Pursuits and for only £38.50 + vat pp!


This activity runs with 4 people in a group so bring along your friends to enjoy the experience with you!


Hovercrafting features in many of our fantastic packages including:

Upgraded Dual Package

Package includes: Choose any two from the following

£70.99 +VAT

Drive and Shoot

Package includes:

£105.99 +VAT