Gift Guide – Christmas Ideas and Inspo!

Has Christmas come around a bit too quickly for you? Have you not had the chance to stock up on Christmas presents? Well, fear not! At Southern Pursuits you can still snap up a great Christmas gift for your loved ones!

At Southern Pursuits we offer a wide range of different activities which are guaranteed to suit anyone you aim on getting a Christmas present for!

Gift Vouchers

Who doesn’t love a Gift voucher? Vouchers are a great way to get last minute gifts without having to rush into town and face the bustle of customers fighting to get last minute presents too!

So sit back, grab some egg nog and relax! All you need to do is decide which activity you would like to purchase for that lucky person and enter in a nice message. Then just leave the work to our Southern Pursuits elves to make up the voucher. We will send it straight to you via email or post!

With our vouchers you also have the choice of either picking only one activity or multiple! So you can definitely cater to the naughty and nice of those you are purchasing for.

And let’s not forget that our vouchers are also valid for 6 months! Which gives the receiver lots of time to decide on a date to attend and get stuck into their activities!

Got a date in mind?

If you’re one of those people who are super organised, you could also opt for booking in a date for your loved one to attend and jump into their activities! Just call us on 01293 611020 to see if we can fit them in and what time slots we have available!


Christmas can get super expensive, but you needn’t take out a small loan to cater to your friends and family!

We have listed below various price brackets to make your life easier for when you are shopping on a budget, or if you are willing to splash a bit more on that special person!


  • £5 and up

Did you know that you could also purchase a gift voucher which just has a value on it? Like a gift card this voucher can give your loved one some money off of an activity they have always wanted to do!


  • £20 and up

We have some great activities which are perfect for giving someone that special day out on a budget! Memories mean more than any gift so why not purchase one of the following activities which is a great day out without breaking the bank!

Fantastic session of Archery (1 hour session) including tuition £22.50 including VAT pp (£18.75 + VAT pp)

1 hour session of Axe Throwing including tuition £22.50 including VAT pp (£18.75 + VAT pp)

Awesome 1 hour session of Air Rifle shooting with unlimited pellets £25.20 including VAT pp (£21 + VAT pp)


  • £30 and up

Why not book in more than one activity?

With the choice of either Axe Throwing or Archery with Air Rifle Shooting for only £36 including VAT pp (£30 + VAT pp)


  • £40 and up

Happy to spend that little bit more on your loved one? Well we have a large range of activities which may just fit to your budget!

1 hour session of Off Road Karting/ Hovercrafting with a shared kart/hover for only £46.50 including VAT pp (£38.75 + VAT pp)

1 hour session of Argo Cat Driving with a shared Argo for only £46.50 including VAT pp (£38.75 + VAT pp)

Clay Pigeon Shooting with 25 Cartridges £46.50 including VAT pp (£38.75 + VAT pp)


Slightly larger Gift budget?

  • £50 – £90

Want to give that special person a day to remember why not go ahead with our Quad Biking which is an hour’s session on individual Quad Bikes for only £54 including VAT pp (£45 + VAT pp)

Or you could go for one of our packages such as the Dual Package which is only £64.79 including VAT pp (£53.99 + vat pp). This includes 2 fantastic activities such as Quad Biking with Archery!

How about the Upgraded Dual Package as well which is only £85.19 including VAT pp (£70.99 + vat pp) You could include 2 expensive activities on this package such as Hovercrafts and Clay Pigeon Shooting!


  • £100 and up

If you’ve got money to spend, to treat that loved one, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some awesome packages for her, him, couples or bring the whole family…

Aim and Terrain which includes Quad Biking, Clay Pigeon Shooting – 25 Cartridges and Archery for only £109.19 including VAT pp (£90.99 + VAT pp)

Drive and Shoot which includes Quad Biking, Off Road Karting/ Hovercrafting and Clay Pigeon Shooting for only £127.19 including VAT pp (£105.99 + VAT pp)

Fully Loaded Package which includes all 7 activities! For only £193.19 including VAT pp (£160.99 + Vat pp)


So panic no more! At Southern Pursuits we can cater to all! Give us  a call on 01293 611020 to see if we can save Christmas!