Get Active! Beat those January Blues!

The festivities are officially over and January 2020 is in full-swing! The dark mornings back to work, lots of rain and lack of Christmas excitement can be more than a little depressing though! They say that the ‘January Blues’ can set in!

We think January CAN be exciting though! Its a chance to start thinking about your New Year resolutions for 2020! Getting off the sofa, wiping off those mince-pie crums and getting out and about!

Have your eyes gone square from watching all of those cringe Christmas films? I think its at this point (as we’re sitting on the sofa) we think about our goals for the year. Perhaps joining a gym, running a marathon, giving up sweets, or perhaps trying out some new sports and outdoor pursuits that you haven’t tried before!


The beautiful West Sussex countryside is certainly a great place to start and blow away those January blues! With our range of challenging yet fun activities you’ll be giving those muscles a work-out without even needing to step foot into a gym! And the rush of excitement you’ll feel will have you wandering how you ever thought January was boring!!


Our activities are also arguably better and more extreme in the winter than the summer! If you’re sat there thinking it’s too cold or too wet to do them – you are very much wrong! The muddier the woodland track the better the Argo Cats are as all-terrain vehicles you really get to test out those 6 wheels over tricky ground! The muddy puddles the Quad Bikes go through also get deeper but more thrilling to drive through! Just remember to pack those wellies with you on the day!


Our Axe Throwing activity is a great upper body work out using both strength and technique to hit those targets! Its also competitive, and most of all – a real laugh to try with your mates!


With covered areas near most of our activities even a little rain won’t stop us from running your event! In fact, wet weather helps us out with the Hovercrafts which absolutely fly round our purpose built field track if the ground is a little soggy making the experience even more exciting for your group.


Booking an adrenaline fuelled activity at our outdoor activities centre and getting a bit of fresh air might be exactly what you, your friends and family need. Start this year off with a bang and start as you mean to go on.


We have a fantastic January offer on this year – Quad Biking & Clay Pigeon Shooting for only £59 + vat pp! Check out all our January Special Offers HERE. 


Don’t let the January blues get you down. Get out there and book an action packed, adventure day out with Southern Pursuits!