Girl Power! Hen Party – Charlie’s Angels Style!

Did one of your best friends get engaged at Christmas and you are now in charge of a Hen Party? Then fear no more! Because at Southern Pursuits we have the perfect Hen packages for those groups of girls who love a bit of action…like the infamous bad-ass three ladies in Charlies Angels!

Train to be a female spy by taking on a series of our adrenaline fuelled activities.

See if your girls have what it takes to take on the world (or survive a hen party)!

Take aim like Jane Kano with our Air Rifle Shooting (£21 + vat) and Clay Pigeon Shooting (£38.75 + vat)

Nothing beats the scene where Jane Kano, a former MI-6 agent, shows her shooting skills whilst hanging out of a moving car!

Which is exactly why our Clay Pigeon Shooting and Air Rifle Shooting are perfect for training to be just like agent Jane! Both activities require you to display strong concentration skills as you aim at the targets in front of you.

Our Air Rifle Shooting includes unlimited pellets for the session. This means yourself and your Angel girls will have plenty of opportunity to practice your skills and achieve perfect grouping within the hour session.

Whereas, our Clay Pigeon Shooting hosts moving targets, which only further adds to the challenge!

What else is on offer?


Feel the rush of a car chase by taking on our Off-Road Karting (£38.75 + vat pp) 

Rebekah Bosley shows us how it is done! She drives around at high speeds and taking on sharp turns around Instanbul.

See if you can conquer your need for speed and adrenaline by taking on our Off Road Karting!

This activity track hosts a series of turns, straights and chicanes. You must be able to perform under pressure and be fearless like Sabina on her motorbike, as you will be reaching high speeds!


Experience the art of flight by braving our Hovercrafting (£38.75 + vat pp) 

Do you think you have the skills of flight, like when Elena was made to land the plane? Well our Hovercrafting could be for you!

You may not be up in the air (without a parachute!), but our Hovercrafting requires skills, as you will need to manoeuvre the vehicle swiftly as you hover over the field-based track.

Do you think you have what it takes to turn this vehicle by using your weight to turn left and right?


How about a night out as well!!

Celebrate a day of Adrenaline by getting your party ON!

Like in any girl group there is either a secret handshake, code word or choreographed dance! Make the most of our exclusive VIP passes for an evening you’ll never forget and show off your dance moves!

Enjoy the opportunity to get your groove on in 6 different bars/clubs in Brighton. Skip the queue and paying nothing on the door!


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