Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat!

Happy Chinese New Year!

We are falling into the first of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Year Zodiac Signs. Say hello to the year of the Rat! Hopefully all guests who are the year of the Rat have a prosperous year filled with fun and adventure!

Those who fall into the year of the Rat have acquired skills which are perfect for our activities. Celebrate your zodiac sign by booking in some of our fulfilling activities and packages!

Archery (£18.75 + vat pp)

A characteristic of the Rat is that they are very logical thinkers, which is an ideal trait for getting stuck into our Archery!

Our Archery requires guests to have a sharp mind and remain focused. All whilst aiming at the target in front of the them.

By having self-discipline, it means that the Rat has a higher chance of hitting the centre of the target!

Clay Pigeon Shooting (£38.75 + vat pp)

Another attribute which the Rat holds is that they have the ability to excel in adapting to their surroundings. This is particularly superlative for our Clay Pigeon Shooting, as you are required to understand your environment and act quickly when shooting at the moving targets.

Our Clay Pigeon Shooting hosts 5 different traps located in a variety of positions around our Clay Pigeon Shooting area. You will be required as a Rat to have a keen eye and quick reactions!

Two or Three activities?

Lucky numbers for those Year of the Rat are 2 and 3 so clearly our multi- activity packages are best suited to you!

As previously mentioned, the Archery and Clay pigeon Shooting – 25 Cartridges fall into our ‘Dual Package‘ which comes to £53.99 + VAT pp. If you’re lucky enough to invite your group of friends, we can offer a 10% discount to groups larger than 8!

Another popular package that may be ideal for the Rat members is our ‘Target Madness’ which includes Archery, Axe Throwing and Clay Pigeon Shooting – 25 Cartridges for only £68.99 + VAT pp This package will truly test the logical thinking rats!

Team Building

This should be a very encouraging year for a Rat’s career according to the sign!  Therefore, it may be an ideal time to organise a Team Building day with the office staff to encourage further business growth.

Members of the Rat host excellent communication skills and harness good memory. This is essential in completing tasks set by our Team Building instructors!

Make sure to have at least one rat on your team!

Check out all our Multi Activity Packages HERE and for Team Building information, click the link HERE