Dual Package – Action-packed fun on a budget!

Looking for a day out which is packed with adrenaline but doesn’t necessarily break the bank? Then our Dual Package is perfect for you!

This Dual Package gives you the freedom to choose between two activities and combine them to be the ultimate personalised day out!

Firstly, you can choose between one of our motorised or shooting activities – Hovercrafting/ Off Road Karting (Weather Dependent), Clay Pigeon Shooting – 25 Cartridges, Quad Biking OR Argo Cat Driving

And then you can pair that activity with either Archery, Axe Throwing or Air Rifle Shooting!

Two activities for only £53.99 + VAT pp – How great is that?!

Below we have listed some of our popular combinations!

Keen eye and quick reactions like Hawkeye? 

Our Clay Pigeon Shooting – 25 Cartridges and Archery are the perfect activities for you!

Prepare to be tested when shooting with bow and arrows, as you will be required to have a keen eye when aiming at the target in front of you. Our Instructors can score you to make this a great competitive pursuit!

But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Take on the challenge to see if you have the precision and fast reflexes to hit the flying targets when Clay Pigeon Shooting with us! With multiple different traps that emulate live game, this session will be fully instructed to help you navigate this complex activity!

Unleash your inner Viking

Want to tackle mud and woodland as you enter our 5-mile safari track? Swing a mighty Axe at your target?

Then you must book in for our Quad Biking and Axe Throwing to unleash your inner Viking!

Kick off your own adventure by journeying across our track which hosts steep inclines, declines and bridges! But fear not as you will be travelling via our 350cc Quad Bikes that can tackle almost any terrain!

Equip yourself with our Axes to see if you have the skills to hit the massive, wooden targets in front of you. No doubt after a few hits you will be channelling your Viking roots in no time!

See yourself as more of a Captain America? 

Wanting to storm the gate by driving your own mini tank? Think you have the precision to hit the centre of a target? Then enlist for our Argo Cat Driving and Air Rifle Shooting today!

Experience what it’s truly like to drive a 6-wheel amphibious all-terrain vehicle over tricky, muddy terrain thanks to our Argo Cat Driving!

But also see if you have the skills to hit the static target like Steve Rogers with our Air Rifles! Do you think you have the discipline to achieve perfect grouping?

Prefer a Spy Thriller? 

Who doesn’t want to live the high life of a spy? At Southern Pursuits our Off Road Karting/ Hovercrafting (Weather Dependent) and Air Rifle Shooting will have you spy-ready in no time!

Nothing beats having a fast car like Bond himself! Which is exactly why our Off Road Karting/Hovercrafting (Weather Dependent) is the perfect activity to experience the thrill of the wind blowing through your hair when speeding around the track.

And not to mention, no spy is complete without their various gadgets, so why not give our Air Rifle Shooting a go and see if you have the skills to remain focused under pressure!


So what are you waiting for? Book our Dual package today and see what adventure you end up on!