Valentines Day – Get your hearts racing!

It’s getting very close to Valentines Day, soon everywhere you go or visit will be embellished with big red hearts, cuddly bears and sickly cards which declare undying love to that special someone.

However, as much as we love all that mushy business, we at Southern Pursuits have a different approach to kick-starting that relationship on Valentines day!


For the Heart Racing Date – Quad Biking

Why not get that special someone on a Quad Bike? We can guarantee that this activity will definitely get both of your hearts racing, which is perfect for that Valentines Day buzz. Not only will you get a feel for speed on our 350cc Quad Bikes, you will also get the romance of driving around our beautiful 5-mile woodland safari track. The only mushy part to this activity is the mud you’ll be taking on!


For the Loved-Up Date – Archery

Why not play the part of cupid this Valentine’s and see if you can strike gold with that special someone? Our Archery is perfect for those couples who are more about the romance than the rush. This activity is perfect for learning a new skill as well as giving you both an excuse to get closer to each other, as no doubt you’ll both be laughing when one of you misses the target!


For the Mind-Blowing Date – Off Road Karting

Are you all about that rushing feeling you get when you are with that special someone?  Well our Off-Road Karting is guaranteed to give you just that feeling! Speed around our track in our 650cc twin engine Rage Buggies and feel the wind blow through your hair as if you are on the front of the RMS Titanic! – How romantic!


For the Competitive date – Axe Throwing

Are you and your other half (or other half to be) a competitive duo? Do you get a kick out of seeing who is the best? Well our Axe Throwing is perfect for laughter as well as competition! Get prepared to let out your biggest ROAR as you aim to hit the target!

*This activity is even perfect for any Game of Thrones binge watching couple!


But regardless, who says that a date only needs to be two people! Why not make it a double date day out? Or even if your single, why not celebrate the day with your friends!

So, what are you waiting for? Why not make that date that bit more special this Valentines Day!


Our Valentines Day Special Offer is awesome this year, the price for a session of Quad Biking & Archery is only £43.99 + vat pp!! This is incredible value as its normally £53.99 + vat!! Take advantage now and check out the offer HERE