Pancake Day – Have a flipping good time at SP!

Nothing is sweeter than pancake day! So why not celebrate in style by treating yourself and your family to delicious day out to work off those calories.

Order up your favourite activities today from our menu below and enjoy a sweet Southern Pursuits event!

Book in a Classic – Maple Syrup!

Who doesn’t love a classic topping like maple syrup on pancake day? Well, for those who love a bit of tradition, then our Archery is perfect for you!

Our Archery will test your skills to see if you have the precision to hit the centre of the target from a distance. You’ll be required to hold your stance as you draw back the bow.

Not to mention, this activity is also perfect for the whole family as the minimum age requirement is 12 years and above!

So why not enjoy a bit of friendly competition by getting everyone involved.  Book today for only £18.75 + VAT pp and see who has the best aiming skills in your family!

Love a bit of stodge? Double Chocolate Pancake

Get stuck into some stodgy goodness this pancake day by booking in a session of muddy Quad Biking today!

Our Quad Biking 5-mile woodland safari track which hosts steep inclines, declines and bridges, which is perfect for the adventurous types!

But don’t forget, our Quad Biking track also includes thick and sticky mud which adds to the fun! Who do you think will get the messiest in your friendship group?

Rev up your day and see how messy you can get for only £45 + VAT pp

A quick Raspberry Swirl

Fancy yourself a bit of a speedy eater? Then Off Road Karting is for you! As you’ll get the chance to reach high speeds thanks to the 650cc V Twin Engine that this beast of a vehicle has!

Our track can be quite challenging as you will be required to follow the pattern of the Off Roading track which hosts a series of turns, straights and chicanes. But much like the design of a raspberry swirl pancake, you’ll be going around and around our Off-Road Karting track for the session!

Why not chow down onto this activity for only £38.75 + VAT pp

Lemon and Sugar – bit of oomph!

Experience a kick by booking in our Clay pigeon Shooting today!

This activity requires you to remain calm and collected as you aim to hit the flying targets, which are heading from 5 different traps!

This activity will leave your far from sour! So, try today for only £38.75 + VAT pp

Enjoy something a bit different? Try a savoury pancake!

Haven’t got a sweet tooth? Prefer something a bit meatier? Then why not book in for our Axe Throwing and unleash your inner Viking!

This bizarre activity is a great conversation starter! As there is nothing more exciting than throwing axes at targets set in front of you!

Book in a session of Axe Throwing today for only £18.75 + VAT pp


What are you waiting for? Head on down to Southern Pursuits for a flipping good time!