Mother’s Day – Adventurous Gift Guide

Spring is right around the corner and with that of course Mother’s Day! Sunday 22nd March is Mothering Sunday and the official day to spoil your mum, shower her with gifts, love and generally prove what a good child you are! Southern Pursuits has a whole section of Mother’s Day gift ideas for you for the adventurous parent!

I’m sure that receiving presents and getting breakfast in bed is great one day a year. However, if most mums out there are like mine, they would appreciate our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas more, actually getting to spend some quality time with their family!

There is no better place than Southern Pursuits, based at Tulleys Farm in the heart of the West Sussex countryside. There is a brilliant Tea Rooms on site to grab a warming cup of coffee and cheeky slice of cake after your outdoor activities together.

For the Adventurous Mum

Quad Biking (£45 + vat pp)

If your mum isn’t afraid of a bit of mud and is happy to get involved in all the kids sports, this is the perfect activity! There is no greater adrenaline rush than Quad Biking through our 5 mile woodland track with the wind in your hair! Make sure she gets nice and muddy with a ‘natural’ mud mask this Mothers Day! Who needs the spa….

For the Mum thats always right… 

Archery (£18.75 + vat pp)

Archery is all about precision so this would be the best activity for a mum who is always right and like things to be ‘just-so’! With unlimited arrows for an hour session, she will have plenty of time to perfect that shot! As this is from 12+ years old, you can bring the whole family along!

For the Mum who always does the school run… 

Off Road Karts (£38.75 + vat pp)

If your mum always had to take you to school, why not make driving a little more exciting for once?! Our 627cc Rage Buggies on our twisty field course will make things much more fun! Running in chase-me-charlie format, you can always time each other to find out whose fastest!


As a family friendly outdoor pursuits venue, our activities start at age 12 and over so feel free to bring along your siblings and even bring along Dad to make it a really special day out for all the family. Our instructors will take pictures on-site of your group which you can find on our Facebook page after the day.

So that we can all treat the special women in our lives, Southern Pursuits’ activity packages aim to encourage everyone to come and spend some family time together this Mothers Day!