Summer Teambuilding at Southern Pursuits

Corporate Summer Teambuilding events are the perfect time to bring your team together whilst also rewarding them for their on-going hard work – and in the sunshine!!

We offer a mixture of different activities and Teambuilding tasks which are designed to identify a team’s strength and weaknesses. It will improve the ability to problem solve, communicate and to be creative. We can completely personalise your activity day out to suit the teams needs and can be flexible on timings.

Finding the perfect balance of work and play can be tough, but we think we have it cracked with our different activity event options. Not only do we have fantastic Corporate packages to provide a varied day of fun but can also offer a variety of Teambuilding events and activities.

Summer Teambuilding Tasks

An important part of any working environment is to work smoothly together with your team to maximise efficiency and also create a nice atmosphere! With that in mind, we can combine a mixture of different Teambuilding tasks to really challenge your team AND make them laugh in our Summer Teambuilding.

Some of these include communication tasks such as ‘Chinese Whispers’ or ‘Blindfold Tent Building’. If you wish to get a little more creative we have performing tasks such as ‘Desert Island’ – shipwrecking your group onto a desert island and letting them build a windproof or waterproof shelter! If  your’e feeling particularly cheeky and want your team to serenade you, you could try ‘Board Meeting’ where they will have to balance on a small board and sing the chorus of a song. Which ever combination you pick, it’s bound to bring your team together. We can send over a full list of Team Building options and our instructor is great at personalising a package, depending on what you would like out of the day!

Outdoor Activities

Looking for a corporate day out with a twist for summer Teambuilding? Why not treat them whilst also challenging them in with some of our adrenaline fuelled activities?!

Our general activities pair together very nicely with any Teambuilding element!!

For example our Clay Pigeon Shooting experience is both competitive and fun! It is easy to score rounds and see just who is the best shot! In fact all of our shooting activities such as Archery, Axe Throwing or Air Rifles are brilliant for breaking the ice, having a laugh and going up against one another!

Or… See who the speediest driver is with our awesome Rage Buggies! Your team will have the opportunity to test their speed in this chase me charlie format… Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition? Feel free to pack some champers for after to celebrate! Or Team trophies as our instructors can help you choose just which employee is best on the day!

On-Site Facilities

Looking for a meeting room, but don’t want to travel far from our awesome activities? We have on-site meeting rooms which include your essential meeting supplies such as LCD projector, flip-charts and stationary! We can also offer a wide range of food options including freshly cut sandwiches or lovely BBQ which can be enjoyed in a well-deserved break!

Prices for our Corporate Activity Days packages start from £57 + vat pp! 


One of our favourite Corporate Packages is:

Treat them & Keep them!

  • Quad Biking
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting – 25 Cartridges
  • Archery OR Axe Throwing
  • Lunch – Beef burger fries and refreshment
  • 2 Hours of Team Building

For only £135 + VAT per person (£162.00 including VAT pp)

Call us now on 01293 611020 to enquire about availability!