Argo Cat Driving

Film Fest – 1917 Themed Aim & Terrain!

Some of us may have been stuck inside recently and been catching up on some films! We have recently watched Bafta winner, ‘1917’. Who else loved the film 1917? We certainly did at Southern Pursuits! So why not fully immerse yourself with some slightly more fun Army training by booking in our Aim and Terrain package!

Experience three heart racing activities which require you to be focused and brave! Tackle different territories which host a variety of different challenges for only £90.99 + VAT pp.

So, what are you waiting for soldier? As you head to battle at Southern Pursuits!

Argo Cat Driving – Mini Tanks just like in 1917!

In 1917 you will see an array of different machinery being used, but the most impressive is the tank!

So, have you ever fancied driving one yourself? Well then, our Argo Cat Driving is the perfect activity for you! As you will be storming to battle in no time!

This activity offers the chance to experience driving a 6-wheel amphibious all-terrain vehicle over our woodland and field-based track. But you will have to be a skilled driver to manage manoeuvring this vehicle as you will be faced with a lot of mud!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Enjoy an explosive experience by booking in our Clay Pigeon Shooting!

Experience what it was like to remain calm under pressure for the guys in 1917. This activity will require you to have quick reflexes as you will need to fire at the flying targets which will be shot from 5 different traps!

Air Rifle Shooting

We might not have the Mk III Rifle but our Weihbraugh HW95K.22 Air Rifle are a treat to shoot!

Like a sniper  our Air Rifle Shooting will require you to be fully focused and have a steady hand as you aim at the static targets in front of you. But this is no easy task, as you will be aiming at targets which are 30 foot away from you!

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Need to feed the men? Then why not also enjoy some grub from the mess tent (Tea Rooms). Rather than eating rations of bread and bully beef, enjoy a delicious warm beef burger with fries or even a BBQ!