Chinese New Year – Year of the Ox

Happy Chinese New Year!

2021 welcomes the second animal of the Chinese zodiac wheel to the forefront to kick off a prosperous year.  With much celebration we say hello to the year of the Ox!

We hope all our guests who are the year of the Ox have a positive year filled with fun and activity adventure!


At Southern Pursuits we feel that those who fall into the year of the Ox have acquired skills which are ideal for achieving success, especially when it comes to our competitive fun days out!

Strength – Axe Throwing

The main attribute of the Ox is its well-known strength. Whether it is mind, body or spirit, this ideal quality is perfect for our Axe Throwing.

This activity does not necessarily require you to have the literal strength of an Ox! However, you will need some power behind your throw to hit the targets.

But not only are you required to have some form of physical power; you will also need power of the mind for this activity!

In Axe Throwing you need to be accurate and consistent with your throws, having a great memory and keen eye when aiming at the target in front of you is key – only then will you strike and receive fulfilment!

@ £22.50 per person 

Determination – Air Rifle Shooting 

The Ox is determined in everything they do, which is why they will be perfectly suited for our Air Rifle Shooting!

Air Rifle Shootings main goal is to hit the static targets placed in front of you, whilst also achieving perfect grouping. This means you must be persistent but also concentrate.  But don’t worry you will have unlimited pellets for the hour’s session, which means you have plenty of time to hit the target!

@ £25.00 per person 

Great patience – Clay Pigeon Shooting

Patience is a virtue that the Ox possesses, therefore our Clay Pigeon Shooting is the perfect activity for the Ox to show off their skills!

This activity will require each guest to take in a deep breath and remain focused. A quick nature and patience are a must, if you want to hit the flying target which is released from a series of 5 different traps!

Depending on what level you are, whether it is Beginner or Master, you have the option of choosing between 25, 50, 75 or 100 Cartridges.

From £46.50 per person 

Weakest point is communication skills – Team Building


Predictions of this year  do show that the Ox does have flaws, which is that their weakness is communication.

However, having weaknesses is essential for personal growth. This is exactly why we would recommend all Ox’s to get themselves booked in for a Team Building session.

Each session of our Team building includes your own teacher, who will test you with a series of challenges. You will work together as a team to strengthen your communication skills.

It is through such training as team building, that makes you realise how rewarding team work really is!



What are you waiting for? Celebrate your zodiac sign in style and channel your inner Ox by booking outdoor pursuits for later this year!


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