Wanda & Vision

Wandavision – Learn the skills at Southern Pursuits

I think we can all agree that it feels like we are currently stuck in a time loop, which is never ending due to the current situation we are all in. I mean, are we still in the same era? Is it 2021 now? Much like WandaVision it appears that life at the moment is rather dull and a bit black and white. Which is exactly why, we think it would be the perfect time to add a bit of colour to your vision. By giving yourself some outdoor activities to look forward to later this year!

Speeding through Time and Space?!


Did you know that our Off-Road Karts and Hovercrafts (Weather Dependent) can reach speeds that are out of this world?! It’ll feel like you are flying in no time as you feel the wind blow through your hair!


Wait, Pause for a second… and Rewind!


Yes! That’s right, you didn’t hear us wrong! Our Off Road Karting and Hovercrafting can reach up to speeds of 30mph when going around our Off Roading or field based track! – Which is completely out of this world!


Much like Wanda, you can skip past the dull and dreary and go straight to the good stuff with these activities.


Both of these activities do also exchange with each other, depending on the weather. When the weather is dry and sunny, we do tend to run the Off Road Karting. Otherwise, if the weather is wet, rainy or HYDRA-ting we instead run the Hovercrafting.


Oh! It’s also important to mention, that both of these activities are perfect for groups, so why not invite all of your neighbourly friends along (even if they are a bit suspicious…) and feel a part of your community!


Telekinesis has nothing on our Clay Pigeon Shooting!


Wanda has the precision and aim when it comes to her telekinesis and magic powers, as she is able to hit every target in her way – which is greatly shown in her numerous battles which lead up to the defeat of Thanos.


But even in Wandavision, her powers hold up and show no flaws!


As she gets to enjoy living the ‘American Dream’ in famous Truman Show style, she is still able to show her profound accuracy, as she is able to manoeuvre furniture around the house without a second thought.


But do you think you have the skills to harness your patience, aim and strength as you take on our Clay Pigeon experience?!


Our Clay Pigeon Shooting offers you the opportunity to see exactly what it is like to harness unmeasurable power as you are in complete control during the session.


Take in a deep breath and focus your mind, as you will need to be precise with your aim, to ensure that you hit the moving targets in front of you.


So, what are you waiting for? No need to create your own time loop like in WandaVision to have a bit of fun! Escape reality by booking yourself an extreme adventure later this year!