Holiday 2021

2021 Holiday with Southern Pursuits

The question on all of our lips is definitely – ‘Will I be able to go on Holiday this year?’

As much as we would all love to be in a warm climate with the sand between our toes, whilst sipping on a margherita or two! It may not be the most idealistic or feasible option this year. But rather than focus on the doom and gloom or Lockdown, why not add a bit of magic and adventure to your Summer this year, by supporting local companies such as Southern Pursuits.

Going on a holiday in the sun at an all-inclusive is utterly overrated. Initially it sounds like bliss, but after two days you find yourself twiddling your thumbs – I mean, how many times have you read the same page of that book you said you’d read on holiday?


So instead, why not try something completely out of your comfort zone this summer by booking an activity event with us at Southern Pursuits!


Our fun days out offer adrenaline and excitement as you will be challenged in various different skills throughout your experience.


Beat the mad rush of the Airports!


Nothing is worse than standing in a queue for hours at Gatwick or Heathrow waiting for your plane, and then having to rush through the multitude of baggage and people who are in your way! So why not avoid the rush of airport lounges and book a thrilling and fast paced session of Off Road Karting!


Feel the wind through your hair and avoid sore feet with our Off Road Karts, which can reach feats of 30 mph! This adventure experience is perfect for groups of 6 or more as you will receive 2 karts between you. This means you can speed around the track with your best pal in a chase-me-charlie format.


Start an unforgettable adventure for the whole family


Looking for some family time away? Then why not book in our Target Madness package. This package is perfect for the family, as everyone can get stuck into the activity day out! Experience history as you fall into the stories or Vikings, Spies and Modern warfare thanks to our Axe Throwing, Air Rifle Shooting and Clay Pigeon Shooting for only £83 per person. These activities are available for those who are 12 years and above, so what are you waiting for parents? Unleash your inner child!


Sparks are flying with the perfect couple’s day out!


In need of a couples retreat to rekindle a flame? Then we have the perfect adventure experiences for you both that is guaranteed to get your hearts racing. Book in our Dual package of Quad Biking and Archery for only £65 per person. This package includes a romantic session of Archery followed by a heart stopping Quad Bike experience. Two glorious hours of perfect couple time!


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