Mother's Day

Present Guide for Mother’s Day at Southern Pursuits

Treat Mum this Mother’s Day with a Southern Pursuits activity adventure!


Can we agree that our Mum’s are super heroes in our lives? They take on so many roles – from cleaner, to care giver, to nurse and more! Which is exactly why we think all parents should be shown some appreciation this 14th March 2021 on Mother’s Day.


This year, rather than getting them the usual flowers which wither in days, or chocolates that end up being eaten by everyone else – give your Mum an unforgettable memory of extreme adventure.

At Southern Pursuits each of our singular and multi-activity packages can be made into a custom gift voucher which is valid for one whole year! Which means Mum has plenty of time to check her busy schedule and get something booked in!


For the Mum’s who are always on TIME


As we all know, Mum’s are never late! So, we have the perfect activity for them to show off their time keeping skills – our Off-Road Karts!

This activity is heavily speed orientated and you can reach speeds of up to 30mph whilst driving around the track. This is 100% the type of activity for the Jessi Combs-like Mum’s who know how to dominate a track, or get the kids to school on time!


For the Mum’s who are always RIGHT


Our Archery is all about accuracy and hitting the centre of the target. Such a skill must clearly come naturally to all Mum’s out there, as they know how to always be right.

They have the ability to locate any item of clothing which has been lost in seconds, so we don’t doubt their ability to strike gold!


For the Mum’s that know PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT


All Mum’s are great at giving the lecture of ‘practice makes perfect’ … and we know they are totally right.

Mum’s teach us that life has challenges and that the best method of overcoming them, is through practice and perseverance. Which is exactly why we think our Air Rifle Shooting is the perfect activity for them!

With unlimited pellets for the hour’s session, it will give them plenty of attempts and time to achieve perfect grouping when hitting the static target!


For the Mum’s who can HANDLE IT ALL


Mum’s are serious bosses when it comes to life in general. They know how to take on a challenge head on, whilst also showing absolute pride!

Which is exactly why we think our Quad Biking experience is 100% designed for those thrill seeker and headstrong mothers out there. This activity offers a 5-mile woodland safari trek which includes steep inclines, declines, bridges and more!


Give us a call on 01293 611020 to treat Mum today!