Family Days Out

Family Day Out at Southern Pursuits

Has the past year had yourself and your family playing the same board game over and over …or even had you all watching the boring series on Netflix to entertain yourselves? Then why not relight that spark and enjoy the great outdoors this Summer and make the most of the sun and fresh air!

We can guarantee at Southern Pursuits we can offer fun days out that everyone will remember. Some of our activities are perfect for those who are 12 years +, which means that the whole family can get involved and enjoy each other’s company.


We have some fantastic activities and packages which everyone can get stuck into this Summer! But our ever popular ‘Target Madness’ package which includes three outdoor activities is by far our most popular when it comes to a family day out! And it’s a right bargain at only £83 per person.


So which adventure experiences are included in the Target Madness package you ask?




Is your family Hunger Games obsessed? Because this is the perfect activity for them! Do you have the skills to hit a target with confidence like Katniss Everdeen?  Or harness precision like the trident wielding Finnick Odair?


Each member of the group can represent their own district when taking the stand at the shooting range. Each guest will get their very own bay when taking part in this activity.


Settle indifferences by seeing who scores the highest overall, as we will be scoring you throughout! At the end you find out which tribute scored the highest and reigns as the winner of the Hunger Games!


May the odds be in your favour…


Axe Throwing


No matter what age you are, we can guarantee that you love ‘How to Train Your Dragon’…Because we certainly do at Southern Pursuits.


We 100% recommend our Axe Throwing to everyone who wants to experience the magic of the Viking era at Clan Berk.


This activity requires all Clan families to unleash their inner power and roar whilst aiming at the targets in front of them, with the goal of trying to hit the centre!


Who do you think would be the head chief of your Clan?


Clay Pigeon Shooting


There is clearly nothing cooler on this planet than becoming a member of The Kingsman organisation. However, it’s not a sharp suit that gets your access to the exclusive club,  it’s having a sharp eye and attention to detail that does get you accepted!


Our Clay Pigeon Shooting is the perfect for any wannabe agent, as this activity requires you to focus on the flying disc, pull the trigger and strike with precision.


Do you reckon one of your family members is a sharp shooter?


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