August Bank Holiday Activity Ideas!

Stuck for ideas on what to do with your extra day off thanks to the Bank Holiday? It’s our last summer Bank Holiday so roll on Monday 26th August!!

We at Southern Pursuits have a large range of fun and different activities and packages! Partaking in these action-packed pursuits will make you feel as though you have really made the most of your additional day off!

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Fun Facts on Clay Pigeon Shooting!

Clay Pigeon Shooting is by far one of our more popular activities to choose from at Southern Pursuits. The activity itself encourages and trains its users to learn the skills of precision, posture and strength. Of course it offers an adrenaline kick to anyone who hits the target!

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Fun for the whole family this summer holiday!

It’s that time of year again where you have to find any way possible to entertain the kids because it’s the …SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

Well fear no more parents!  At Southern Pursuits we have the perfect activities for some summer holiday fun which will definitely amuse all participants 12 years and up – without breaking the bank!

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Office Summer Party time! Get outside this August…

The sun is out which makes everyone who works in an office just a little bit more miserable that they can’t spend any time outside in the beautiful summer weather. Instead they are trapped at their desk, phone ringing with stuffy office air. Desperately trying to find a fan to position as close to their chair as possible.

Give everyone something to look forward too and think about holding an office summer party! Why should everyone only celebrate the success of a company once a year at Christmas? It really makes much more sense for everyone to get out in the fresh air and sunshine.

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Stranger Things 3 – Prep for the Upside Down!

**Spoiler Alert**

At Southern Pursuits we were so excited for the release of season three of Stranger Things! We have so many questions, like will Hopper ever comeback or is he truly gone for good? Is the gate definitely closed to the upside down? Will we ever get a chance to hear Dustin’s rendition of Never-Ending Story again? Will Eleven and Will return back to Hawkins? Who was in the jail cell at the end? Fingers crossed Season four gives us all the answers!

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Our Recommended Top 3 Summer Activities!

The evenings are lighter for longer and the weather is HOT! This makes it the perfect time to get out into the Sussex fresh air and try our top three recommended summer activities!

Summers are made for spending long days outside, getting muddy, enjoying the fresh air and getting a group of friends together for some adrenaline-fuelled fun!

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Fun, festival vibes at Southern Pursuits this Summer!

It’s that time of year again where a majority of people adorn their hair with glitter spray. They shove on their wellies and head on down to a festival across the UK and abroad. As much as festivals can be fantastic… We at Southern Pursuits understand that festivals can be very expensive! So you might be looking for a fun alternative!

So rather than breaking the bank with overpriced drinks and potentially losing your friends in the crowd… Southern Pursuits is open for business with our very own festival themed plans!

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Fathers Day Gift Guide – Make some memories!

June 16th is Fathers Day! That one day of the year where we get the chance to really spoil our dads for all the hard work they are put in. The only issue is that Dad’s are notoriously hard to buy for!

But panic no more!  We at Southern Pursuits have some great ideas for all those different types of dad’s out there!

Not only will your gift to them be fully catered to their personality, it will also be much more meaningful as you can both go on a day out together!

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