Construction Tasks

Rocket Building

Aim – The team is to construct a water powered rocket and a launcher to fire the rocket into the target.  The winning team will be the one that gets the most rockets to land in the target in the time allowance.

Duration – Approximately 20 minutes

Egg Tower

Aim – As a team of eggstremely talented architects, the groups mission is to devise the tallest freestanding structure possible that will hold an egg using only the items and tools provided. The structure that holds the egg the highest wins.

Duration – Can last between 30 minutes and 1hr.


Aim – The aim is to build a catapult that will fire the ammunition as far as possible.  It has to be free standing and they cannot use anything else apart from the items we give them.  You can also add on additional requirements such as building something to catch the flying objects in.

Duration – This lasts about 30 minutes

Bridge The Gap

The team have to build a bridge to span a gap (usually between 2 tables) using the items and tools provided. The bridge is then marked for aesthetics and strength (by what weight it can take before collapsing). The team have to drive a radio controlled car over it and get further marks for successfully completing that task. They also have to design and install a flag pole on it with their team logo on the flag.

Duration – This lasts about 30 / 40 minutes

Marble Run

Aim – The team have to make a marble run to allow a marble to flow freely from start to finish along the course.  If done outside, this is best done as a race to cover a certain distance the fastest or in a set time period.  If run inside, the challenge is to construct the longest track possible in a confined space.  Points will be given for including things like a jump, a loop the loop, a tunnel, etc.  If outside we race the marbles against the clock to see who can make the fastest track and if run inside the longest track wins.  Can include further challenges such as bringing in blindfolded people with someone who can see, tie 2 peoples arms together and they have to carry on working, etc.

Duration – This lasts between 30minutes and 2hrs and can be run as a head to head challenge or one team at a time.

Spaghetti Tower

The aim is to build the tallest possible tower out of the marshmallows and spaghetti provided

Duration – This lasts approx. 45 minutes to 2 hours

Crane Building

Aim – This is an excellent task for creativity and resource management. Teams are provided with a range of equipment that they have to buy using their funny money (quantities of which may be related to how they have done in previous tasks). Using their selected materials they have to build a free standing crane with points being awarded for weight lifted, vertical distance, horizontal distance and aesthetic appearance of the crane. This is an intriguing exercise that calls for a lot of thought and planning.

Duration – Lasts at least 1 hour.

Water Tower

Beware: you may get a little wet! The pressure is on for this task to build the tallest tower to hold water from our special building kit. Working together, can you keep dry whilst out-building the opposition?

Duration – Lasts between 20 / 30 minutes