Fast Tasks

Giant skis

Aim – These are in essence a giant pair of skis with a certain number of loops for feet and ropes to hold 4 members of the team at once.  Works well joined with land raft below or as part of whacky races.Great in any weather!

Duration – Lasts no more than 10minutes.

Land Raft

Aim – This works well doubled up with giant skis as another form of strange transport or part of whacky races!  The team are given some rollers and board and use them to move along suspended off the ground on a land raft.

Duration – Lasts no more than 10minutes.

Spiders Web

Aim – The team must get each member from one side of the Spiders Web to the other, however each team member must pass through a different hole in the web.  Can have a row of 3 or 4 webs to make it last a bit longer and they can carry through pieces of equipment that they need for later tasks.

Duration – Lasts 5 – 10minutes.

Underwater Eruption

Aim – The group must use team work to get the ball out of the tube by floating it out.  The only problem is that the tube has many holes in so is not quite so easy to fill up as they would like! Beware- You are likely to get wet!

Duration – Lasts 5 – 10 minutes

Rope circles

Aim – Each team is given a rope circle about the size of a hula hoop and the object is to get every team member through the circle as quickly as possible.  The aim is to be able to get the whole team through the circle in 1 second less than the number of people in that group, ie: 8 people means they have 7 seconds to get everyone through.  They get 5 minutes practice to come up with the best method and are then timed.  After this they get another 2 mins to practice before the final head to head is run..

Duration – Lasts about 15minutes or so.

You’re numbers up!

Aim – Boards with the numbers 1 to 25 are scattered around a small area about the size of a squash court.  The group have to take it in turns to collect the numbers in sequence as quickly as possible with only 1 person allowed in the area at once.  Can bring in some blindfolded collection and other handicaps to add a new level to it.

Duration – Lasts 5 – 10 minutes

Rope Square

Aim – Everyone in the group is blindfolded except for one person.  Everyone holds onto a piece of rope at waist level and the one sighted person must direct the group so that they form a perfect square.  The sighted team member cannot touch the other group members and can only communicate through the power of speech.  Once complete it can be done again with everyone blindfolded to make it even harder!

Duration – Lasts 5 – 10 minutes.

Helium Pole

Aim – The group slits into 2 equal lines facing each other.  They all place their hands out and balance the helium pole on one upturned finger tip on each hand.  Once the instructor lets go the team have to put the pole down as quickly as possible whilst keeping it on only their finger tips.  It may sound easy but guaranteed it will rise and cause a whole world of trouble in putting it down!

Duration – Lasts 5 – 10 minutes.