Initiative and Mental Tasks

Radioactive Isotope

Aim – A 2 part challenge where the team must recover a radioactive isotope from a contaminated area.  Firstly however, they must place the calming agent in the isotope.  Then they must work out a way of getting it out of the radioactive area without entering it themselves using ropes and bungee cords.  Water may be spilled so beware you could get wet.

Duration – It lasts 15 – 20minutes.

Swamp Crossing

Aim – The team must cross the swamp using the 25 coloured stepping stones provided.  However the stepping stones can only be placed in the swamp in a certain order and the swamp swallows the stones every 2 minutes meaning that they have to work fast if they are to make it across as the task keeps resetting itself!

Duration – It lasts 5 – 15minutes

Team Turn

Aim – The team is confronted with 50 numerical cards in front of them.  They must work together to work out the correct sequence for turning the cards over in as quick a time as possible.  This challenge is both mental but also physical as they need to move quickly to set a good time. Great activities all year round!

Duration – Although the record is 8 minutes, it normally lasts 15 – 20minutes.

Moving the Pyramids

Aim – When teams arrive at this challenge they are faced with a pyramid formed of large coloured blocks. All they have to do is relocate the blocks from point A to point B or C to reform the pyramid.  The only problem is they can only move one block at a time and never stack a large block on top of a small block.

Duration – Lasts 5 – 10 minutes.

Simultaneous Letters

Aim – A grid with 8 spaces is connected by lines.  The group have to place the letters A through to H in the 8 spaces so that none of the letters are directly in contact with the letter either preceding or following them in the alphabet.

Duration – Lasts around 5 minutes.


Aim – This involves 4 sturdy boxes/platforms about 1ft high, crates, 4 planks, a toy fishing rod and a bowl to fish out of.  The boxes are set up in the corners of a 2.5m x 2.5m square with the bowl (the fish pond) in the middle of the square.  The team then has to work out how to use the planks so that they can use the fishing rod to get the fish out of the pond without touching the ground in the square.

Duration – Lasts 10minutes


The Great Escape

Aim – The group starts off standing inside a triangular pen.  Their challenge is to get the whole group out of the imaginary electric fenced pen without touching the corner poles or the sides as quickly as possible.  They also get given one wooden pole to use.  They cannot use this pole to move the electric fence or the other poles. If they hit the electric fence, the whole group gets put back inside the pen.

Duration – Lasts around 10 – 15 minutes.  .

All aboard

Aim The aim of this is to make a structure out of nothing but the 6 poles and 4 pieces of rope that is strong enough to allow all team members to stand 1 foot off the ground at the same time.

Duration – Lasts around 10 – 20 minutes.